19 Sep 2011

Deep grooves from beyond the darkness...

Deep Inside Podcast 09 by deepinside

Its been a tough 5 weeks since the last podcast, but I finally found some time yesterday to record a new one. There is no end to the amount of good tunes lately and I hope I've picked out a few of the best for you. So what is in store for the 10th podcast? I guess you will just have to wait!


Silent Mind - Farwater
Daat - Orange Line
Blu Mar Ten - Believe Me (Logarithmia Remix)
Altair & Es.tereo - Void
Chase & Status - Time (SND Remix)
Jason oS - I Know
Frederic Robinson - Mood Swings
Holistix - If This Was
Severity Zero - Take This Love
TripleSky - Talking With Angel
Sharpenski - Ionise
Blue Motion & Amplitude - Everything is Nothing
Vital Feat. Courtney Wachtel - In a Moment

2 Aug 2011

Podcast 08: Take a journey with me, just you and I

Deep Inside Podcast 08 by deepinside

The tunes are coming fast lately, lots of producers are getting in touch and filling my dropbox with goodies. Special thanks to Ben (Juxtaposes) & Lenzman for taking the time to reply to my emails. Once again, some awesome tunes for you including a belter by The Lenzman himself. Click play and close your eyes...


London Elektricity - Fault Lines (Unquote's Snowy Remix)
Silent Mind - When Rain Returns to the Sky
Alix Perez ft. Sabre - Hemlines
Indigo & Synkro - Reflection
Juxtaposes - Shapes & Symbols
Bulb - Mental Universe
Getz - Little Hamd Bells
Luca - Saint Bond
Technicolour & Komatic - Changeling
Alicia Keys - Unthinkable (Lenzman Bootleg Remix)
Lupe Fiasco - Paris Tokyo (DJ Clart Remix)
Komatic - Seasons Sleep
Naibu - Within Reach
Smote - My World

10 Jul 2011

Podcast 07: The Sunday Sessions...

Deep Inside Podcast 07 by deepinside

Hello again... yet more tunes have been falling into my dropbox so here is the next podcast a week earlier than normal. Besides, this time next week I will be doing my final preparations for my big trip to Chernobyl. Yep that's right, I'm off on a 2 day visit of Chernobyl, Pripyat and Kiev. If I have time, I'll be having a beer with the Kiev based producer Queensway whose tracks you can here in this podcast. Enjoy!


Queensway - 17 Again
Queensway - Summer Jam
Jaybee & DuoScience - Wonderful Life
Synkro & Stickman - Untitled
Villem - Provide
Klute - Property is Theft
Furney - Eerie Indiana
Johnny Kon - Two or Three
Skele:Tone - Just Wait (Silence Groove Remix)
Modemellow - Subtopia
Blu Mar Ten - Believe Me (5-Foot Nothing & Anarchy Remix

27 Jun 2011

Podcast 06: Sounds of the deep underground...

Deep Inside Podcast 06 by deepinside

Hello again, yes I'm back already. I've been getting so many nice tunes lately so I was gagging to do another podcast. More broken Drum and Bass goodness early on, then some nice liquid stuff later in the mix. Enjoy this one... it will take you on a little journey :)


Seba - Painted Sky (Gerwin Remix)
Synkro & Indigo - Guidance
Oscillist - Where Silver Finds Blue
Gerwin - Truth or Happiness
Queensway - Phone Call to Vero
Mr. Sizef - Lilly is a Flower Which is Giving Rise to Love
Flaco & Glen E Ston - Crescent
Donnie Dubson - Gin & Tonic
ICR - Heartbroken (Operon Remix)
Double A - Take Me Now
Nu:Tone - Broken

6 Jun 2011

Podcast 05: Broken Beats...

  Deep Inside Podcast 05 by deepinside 

After a lengthy absence, I'm back with some smooth tunes. Most would call it Liquid Funk, but I'm not sure you can really call this funk music at all. Not sure what to call it, for sure it is Drum & Bass... just with Broken Beats.


Kharm - Evergreen
Blu Mar Ten - Believe Me (Double A remix)
Oscillist - A New Shade of Blue
Mr. Sizef - Chocolate Evening, The Crimson Sea, Sweet Feeling, Only U (Original Mix)
Queensway - Within Each of Us (Original Mix)
Oscillist - Deep Sea Dreaming
Blu Mar Ten - Above Words (Original Mix)
Radicall - Zero Degrees (Original Mix)
Tidal - Soul Expressions (Original Mix)
Method One - Flight of the Fallen (Original Mix)
Blu Mar Ten - Overwhelm (Seba Remix)

16 Jun 2010

Podcast 04: Back in the mix...

  Deep Inside Podcast 04 by deepinside

Back finally... sorry for the long absence. There is no excuse really, I just hope this podcast makes up for abandoning you for so long :(


Mendelayev & Cutworks - Across The Space (Original)
Glen E Ston - Above The Clouds (Original)
PAUL SG ft. Pouya - Me & You (Original)
Glen E Ston - Siberian Drift (Original)
So:Flow - Colour of Laughter (Original)
Sonic Saturation - Storm (Original)
Donnie Dubson - Summer Came
Native - At My Side
Naibu - KTX
Modemellow - Back In Time (Original)
Jonny L - 1 n 2

31 Jan 2010

Podcast: 03: New year, new beats...

Deep Inside Podcast 03 by deepinside

Better later than never... I'm really happy with this month's Podcast, although you have to excuse the distorted microphone levels. I have no idea how that happened, It sounded fine as I was recording... ah well, the music levels are fine and that what really matters. Who care's about my geeky voice anyway?


Pete Voyager - Long White Cloud
Clart - Primo
Alix Perez - Melanie
Brother - 125th Street
LM1 & Indigosync - Remote Justice (Remix)
Phat Playaz - Clockwork (Original Mix)
Lenzman - The Blues (Original)
Blackplanet - Someone like you
Logistics -Transporter
Glen E Ston - Ouroboros (Original)
Paul Saint Jack - Ronin (Original Mix)
Altair - Rock Your Soul